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HungaroSun Bt. is part of the Hungarian-owned Sun Group, which has more than 10 years of professional experience in the construction industry as well as numerous successfully completed and ongoing projects. Due to the continuous positive feedback and to meet the needs of our customers, we extended our scope of activities in 2018 by adding the construction of condominiums under the banner of InSzeged.

We aim to build high-quality, liveable residential properties with our clients' expectations and demands in mind. Therefore, we build our condominiums so that they can meet today's high quality and environmental requirements, using the latest acoustic and thermal insulation materials and mechanical solutions.

Environmentally conscious
Environmentally conscious

We use renewable energy systems to ensure environmentally responsible construction and lower operating costs.


In terms of the materials and products used during the construction, we constantly strive for high quality.

Centrally located

Our condominiums/offices under construction are located in the popular streets of Szeged.

This year we are building condominiums in several locations in Szeged.


Next-generation office building
in the centre of Szeged


Our range of properties

Róna Residence

3 vacant flat(s)

Number of places

13 lakás

Planned handover

2023. August

When designing Róna Residence, we wanted to create flats that can be furnished in a practical way suitable for everyday living, making them perfect homes for families with children and couples requiring a large living space.



2 free detached house(s)

Number of properties

2 detached house(s)

Planned handover

Two modern properties under construction in Délibáb Street, located in a quiet area of Szeged-Kiskundorozsma. The two detached houses with separate entrances have their own courtyards and are suitable for couples or families with small children.


Sunny Villa

0 free detached house(s)

Number of properties

1 detached house(s)

Planned handover

2022. December

A modern property under construction in Magyar Street, located in a quiet area of Szeged-Szőreg. The detached house has its own courtyard, so it is suitable for couples or families with small children.


Bihari 13

0 vacant flat(s)

Number of flats


Handed over

2020. September

The flats of Bihari 13 have been designed in such a way that singles, first-time home buyers, couples with children and those about to start a family can easily find a suitable residential property. The ground-floor flat is perfect for those who want to live in an urban environment but also insist on having their own garden, while the flats above are ideal for families with several children.


Bercsényi Home

0 vacant flat(s)

Number of flats


Handed over

2020. September

With buying your future home, you not only get a flat but also a carefully designed living space. The property is ideal for those who want to live in the city centre, but not in the middle of the hustle and bustle. The 13 flats of Bercsényi Home, designed to meet modern needs, offer you exactly that.



Check out our previous projects below, where we present specific processes illustrated with photos and visualisations.


Interior design

With the help of our interior design services, you can make your home cosier and more liveable.

Our qualified interior designer can help you create a more liveable and comfortable home with high-quality, unique visualisations.

Our interior design packages